Growth charts


Normal Growth

In the first year your baby will grow faster than any other time in her life. By the end of the first year she will have trebled or quadrupled in weight, increased 22-24cm in length and increased to approximately a 55cm head circumference to accommodate the growing brain. To achieve all this, your baby needs adequate nutrition.

Growth Charts

Monitoring your baby’s growth is very important. It is a simple yet accurate measure to see if your baby is getting the right foods for growth. Always ask your health care worker to plot your baby’s weight and height on the growth chart.


Your baby may be on the 50th percentile for height and weight. A percentile is a measure that plots your child’s growth in relation to other children’s growth patterns ranging from 0% to 100%. When your child is on the 50th percentile fro height it means that your baby is taller than 50% of other children of the same age and shorter than 50% of other children of the same age- i.e. your child is right in the middle of the population.

The same concept applies to weight- when your child is on the 50th percentile for weight it means that he is heavier than 50% of the population and lighter than 50% of the population of the same age.

Generally these two percentile scores should be in proportion to each other. If an infant is not getting enough of the correct food, weight will usually be affected first.

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Boys: Birth – 24 months

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