6 week check-up

The 6 week check-up …

Please book this appointment when you first get home. Phone one hour before your appointment to check that your doctor is running on time (emergencies are common and unpredictable).

This is a critical  check-up to see that baby is growing and developing normally. Your baby’s growth, feeding, sleeping and normal developmental stages will be assessed and survival plans for your next few months are given.  If there are problems not evident in the newborn period they will be picked up at this stage.

A breastfeeding/changing room is available at the practice.

Coping with the first 6 week

The new Mom’s mantra in our practice is “cuddle, wind, nappy, feed”  This is your action plan to work through when your baby is unhappy.

Growth in the first 6 weeks

Weekly weighing is offered at the rooms and is often comforting to know you and your baby are on track.  Your baby will gain approximately 150g plus per week in the early stages and these measurements will be recorded.