Common illnesses

Common illnesses

If your child is feeling poorly - these articles might help

If your child is feeling poorly you may be concerned about what your next steps should be. The rule of thumb in our practice is if a Mom is worried we should see your child, but Mom’s also don’t want to be alarmists. Here are some common questions you can answer to guide your thinking…. Is there a temperature? Is your child in pain? Is there coughing or laboured breathing? Or do you just have a feeling something isn’t right? Then make an appointment to check it out.

Types of illness
Important information

Asthma and allergies

Asthma in Children This practice specialises in children treating children with asthma and allergy and recurring chest infections. Asthma is typically diagnosed with a...

Recurrent infections

Repeated infections in children Our Aim with children who have repeated infections requiring medical treatment is: To treat the acute attack and confirm a...

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