COVID-19 pandemic, And coming to See Us

When do you need to bring your child to the doctor, even during a COVID-19 pandemic?

To date we have been COVID free in the practice – and we have strict protocols in place with separate entrances and examination areas for well and sick children. We are part of ongoing research on the exposure risk in Sandton Mediclinic and have the latest updates and advice from virology and academic experts.

Certainly, anything that isn’t urgent should be postponed until a safer time. This would include check-ups for healthy children over 2 years old. It also includes follow-up appointments for anything that can wait, (see Teleconsult notes below)

If your child is an Neonatal ICU graduate your neurological development still needs to be assessed they can be developmentally at risk.  Your doctor’s office can give you guidance about what can wait — and when to reschedule. Please call our offices 011-706-1153.

Our Practice is now offering teleconsults.

Our practice is offering telemedicine visits during the pandemic, and it’s remarkable how many things can be addressed that way.

What can be covered in a teleconsult?

Existing Patients: If you have seen your doctor in the past and are concerned about an existing or new condition, you can call the office and book a teleconsult and give us consent to be consulted in this manner.

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Short list of symptoms and concerns and how long they have been present
  • Brief history of previous medical problems and how long they have been present g. Mary has had recurrent ear or chest infections for the past year.
  • List of current medications: name and dose
  • List of chronic medications: names and dose

New Patients: If you have never been to our practice you may still book an initial consult, preparing the same information as above, but your doctor will probably request that you come in for a clinical exam. You will be charged for this as a “follow up” to the teleconsult charge.

What requires an in-person visit?

Some things do require actual contact with the patient, including:

  • Acute illness or injury that could be serious,such as a child with trouble breathing, significant pain, unusual sleepiness, or a high fever that won’t come down. Call our office for guidance on whether to bring your child in.
  • Checkups for very young children who need vaccines and to have their growth checked. This is especially important for the under 2 year olds and our NICU graduates.
  • Check-ups and visits for children with certain health conditions.This might include children with breathing problems whose lungs need to be listened to, children who need vaccinations to protect their immune system, children whose blood pressure is too high, children who aren’t gaining weight, or children with abnormal blood tests that need rechecking. If your child is being followed for a medical problem, call our office for advice. Together we can figure out when and how your child should be seen. Every situation is a bit different, and all of us in health care are doing our best to take the best care of patients that we can during this extraordinary time