1 -3 years

They’re turning into toddlers

You’re in for many changes! By midway through this year, most babies are walking and learning to talk. By their second birthdays, most are losing that “baby” look. As toddlers get stronger and more capable, their rate of physical growth slows during this year.

How Much Should My Child Grow?

During this second year of life, growth slows down. Your toddler may gain about 2 kg and grow about 10 to 12 cm. By 2 years, children have reached about half of their adult height and 90% of adult head size. Boys tend to weigh about a 0.5 kg more than girls but average about the same height.

During the toddler years what you will notice more than actual growth are changes in a toddler’s appearance. Instead of sporting the rounded belly and relatively short arms and legs for crawling on all fours, toddlers start to trim down and become more muscular because of increased activity, and will begin to look more like preschoolers than babies.

Like babies, toddlers come in all shapes and sizes. Your doctor will continue to plot your little one’s growth on a growth chart during regular check ups. Although you may be concerned that your child is too thin or too chubby at any one time, the most important thing is that your child continues to grow at a steady rate and your growth chart will reflect this.

Download Growth Charts

Boys 2-5 years:

Girls 2 – 5 years: