Infant Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding

As you baby grows formula feeds alone are enough to provide all your baby needs for normal growth. You will know that she is on track by her weight measurements which should be plotted on her growth charts during her regular check ups.

It is really important to let your baby guide your feeding quantities according to his hunger. He never has to finish bottles just because you made them and if he want more after he empties a bottle thats fine too. But unlike breastmilk fed babies, you have to decide how much formula to make. Below is a rough guide to assist you, however, your baby may want more or less than the table shows. Remember to follow mixing instructions precisely.

Guide for formula feeding (0 to 5 months)
Age Amount of formula per feeding Number of feedings per 24 hours
1 month 60 – 120 ml 6 to 8 times
2 months 150 -175 ml 5 to 6 times
3 to 5 months 175 – 200ml 5 to 6 times