Introduction to solids


Why do we introduce solids to the diet?

About half way thought the first year of life, babies being to outgrow their liquid diet of human milk or formula which, because of their increasing demands, may no longer supply them with enough nutrients to support their rate of growth.  Soft foods are introduced at 4 -6 months of age – for both breastfed and bottlefed babies.

This second phase of childhood nutrition is a time of transition from milk to soft foods, finger foods and finally to family foods.

The Adult’s Role

It’s the adults role to provide nutritious foods for their children.

Adults are responsible for what their children are given and when it is given.

  • Children are responsible for deciding how much to eat
  • This means that the parent controls the kind of foods served for meals and snacks.
  • You should not force children to eat
  • Children’s appetites and the amounts they eat change from day to day

Introducing solid foods (or complimentary foods) to your infant’s diet can be divided into three stages.  These stages correspond with physical and feeding milestones taking place as your baby matures.